Matt’s LeafGuard® Gutter Replacement In Apple Valley, MN

When Apple Valley, MN homeowner, Matt reached out to Lindus Construction, he was searching for a replacement for the house gutters on his 1960’s era home.  The current gutter installation did not come with gutter toppers.  This proved problematic because systems without a gutter hood are prone to clogging.  Wanting more maintenance-free gutters he opted for the installation of LeafGuard® Gutters.  Here’s why.

Apple Valley LeafGuard

Covered House Gutters

LeafGuard® Gutters are built with a gutter hood and topper all in one piece.  Not only does this provide a cohesive look, but it also ensures a consistent color match throughout the system.  Matt appreciated that his gutter replacement did not have a mesh screen which can easily collect debris and clog.

A Clog-Free Home Gutter System

A clogged gutter installation can cause substantial damage to a home.  This can include foundation damage, rotting wood, and a leaky roof installation.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters offer the ultimate peace of mind because their oversize gutter hood and trough are designed to handle over 32 inches of rain in an hour.  This is one of the many reasons they have received the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.  In the unlikely event that Matt’s home gutter system ever clogs, we’ll provide a complimentary cleaning.

A Seamless Gutter Replacement

When homeowners compare seamless gutter systems, with seamed gutter installation, they quickly find out that seamed gutters are the more inexpensive option but are often reliable.  That’s because seamed gutters are weakened over time.  When this happens, leaking occurs and the gutter drainage system is not able to perform as it should.  This was another reason that Matt opted for LeafGuard® Gutters.  They are built to the exact dimensions of his home, eliminating the need for seams.  This ensures that his foundation and landscaping will be preserved for years to come.

Reliable Gutter Installations & Warranty

An advantage LeafGuard® Brand Gutters have over basic gutter installations is that they’re manufactured from aluminum that is 20% thicker than the industry standard.  Rather than be affixed to the home’s roof, which can cancel the warranty, they’re attached to a home’s fascia board.  To ensure the home gutter system looks its best, the ScratchGuard™ paint finish is backed by a lifetime workmanship protecting it against chipping, peeling, and cracking.

The Premier Home Gutter Replacement Experts Serving Apple Valley, MN

In its 40+ years of existence, Lindus Construction has had the privilege of assisting homeowners in Western Wisconsin, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond with an array of exterior upgrades, including gutter protection systems.  Each gutter installation is accompanied with a lifetime workmanship guarantee that offers the ultimate peace of mind.  We invite you to contact us today to request your complementary estimate.

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Apple Valley, MN Gutter Installation Reviews:

"The project went well.  The crew was great."

Randy W.
Apple Valley, MN
November 1, 2023

"Very smooth and timely installation of gutters."

Jan G.
Apple Valley, MN
October 1, 2023

"Great quality gutters, friendly, knowledgeable installers, very satisfied with Lindus."

Karen Y.
Apple Valley, MN
July 21, 2023

"Awesome! Did a great job and cleaned up afterward. Highly recommended. Very pleased with the finished product."

Roger H.
Apple Valley, MN
December 20, 2022

"Gutter installer was fantastic, communication excellent, and he listened to all my concerns and addressed appropriately."

Libby C.
Apple Valley, MN
November 17, 2022

"Everything was done in one day. Lindus did forget to send one piece with the rest (small inverted corner). However, they brought it first thing the next morning. Great customer service. Well planned.  They came the date they said they would be here, which was planned a month out in advance. Very happy with the service and follow-up."

Roger & Marylou H.
Apple Valley, MN
July 25, 2022
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