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Introducing the GAF DecoTech System.  This low-profile solar panel roof system is sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable.

Recognized Roofing Contractor For GAF Solar Roof Shingles

We’re proud to have been named a GAF Solar Elite Contractor.  This distinction means that we are experts with a comprehensive understanding of both roof installation and solar implementation.  Working with a contractor without this knowledge can result in a leaky roof or a lackluster solar installation.  We hold a firm commitment to performing a quality solar installation while providing you with exceptional service and communication from the start of the project to its completion.

Energy Efferent Roof Designed By Experts

GAF designed the DecoTech™ Solar System with the intention of harnessing solar energy while still maintaining the integrity of your roof.  One of the biggest ways the DecoTech™ Solar System stands apart from conventional systems is its low-profile design.  It integrates right into your existing house roof instead of sitting on top of it.  To curtail animal infestation or leaking concerns, the perimeter is surrounded with a robust protection system.

  • Low-profile design – for a polished, designer look
  • Deco Black gloss finishalluring homogeneous presentation instead of unsightly blue and silver panels
  • Exceptional performance best-in-class high-output panels for excellent power yield
  • Long lasting expertly crafted metal frame is the epitome of durability, ensuring years of solid performance
  • Sheltered perimeter with counterflashing and step flashing to help safeguard against moisture and leaks; also provides superior protection against animal infestation

Benefits Of Solar Panel Roofing Systems For Homeowners

There are many motivating factors why going solar makes sense. Economical, personal and probably most importantly, environmental. Solar isn’t a trend; it is a way of creating a sustainable future.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bills

Your electric bills make up a huge portion of your yearly home expenses. What if someone told you there was a way to reduce or eliminate your electric bill with the possibility of even selling back energy to your utility company?

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One of the Top Home Improvement Projects With Large ROI

If you’re wondering how long solar panels take to pay for themselves, on average homeowners that install solar solutions on their home for energy consumption are able to pay off their system in roughly seven to eight years. If you are in the market to sell, investing in a solar system for your home will increase the average premium roughly $15,000 over homes that do not have solar capabilities.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Did you know that 38% of all carbon emissions in the U.S. come from buildings? What if you were told that you could reduce three to four tons of carbon emissions each year by integrating solar panels. To put this into perspective you would have to plant 100 trees annually to make up for that consumption you are responsible for adding to our planet.

carbon footprint

Take Advantage Of Rebates & Tax Credit For Solar Panels

There are rebate programs in Minnesota through Xcel Energy and in Wisconsin through Focus on Energy.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar photovoltaic, as known as PV, are panels that converts sunlight directly to electricity.

It’s Really Not That Complicated

  • The GAF DecoTech System is installed on your roof. These panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells which turns sunlight into direct current (DC) power.
  • The DC power that is generated from the GAF DecoTech™ solar panels is then sent to an inverter, which converts it to alternating current (AC) power.
  • The AC power then travels from the inverter to the electrical panel in your home that is ready for use.
  • If you produce more energy than your home can consume, that power goes back to the utility grid, essentially making your meter turn backwards, which generates an electricity credit on your account.

Need-to-Know Solar Terms

  • SOLAR ARRAY – are multiple solar modules wired together.
  • INVERTER – the device that converts your direct current (DC) from your GAF DecoTech™ solar panel system into alternating current (AC).
  • NET METERING – is a service that allows the electric meter to spin backwards, sending your excess electricity back into the grid when your GAF DecoTech™ solar panel system is generating more energy than the home is consuming at any given point in time.
  • KILOWATT (kW) – a unit for measuring electrical power, equal to 1000 watts.
  • KILOWATT-HOUR (kWh) – the amount of energy consumption from 1kW over one hour (this is how you buy electricity).
  • ORIENTATION – this refers to the orientation of the solar panels on your home. Due South is the most optimal orientation.
  • ROOF PITCH – you must have a roof pitch of at least 4:12 in order to install GAF DecoTech™ solar panels on your home.
  • TEMPERATURE – solar cells are not as efficient in high temperature climates.
  • SHADING – should be avoided when looking at which roofs on your home should have solar panels.


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