Feb 22, 2016

Ways You’re Showcasing the Art in Your Home Incorrectly

It’s often been said that dog is man’s best friend.  After all, there’s little better than coming home from a long day at work and getting pounced on by your furry friend who behaves as if you’ve been separated for years.  If that trait alone doesn’t make your dog man’s best friend, there’s also the fact that dogs are always supportive and keep their opinions to themselves.  This often times is the opposite of how we feel about guests that visit our home, whether or not they have the gift of discreetness.  One area of the home that’s often becomes the topic of conversation for guests are artwork.  While there’s no way to guarantee that your choices are something that will win rave reviews with everyone that enters your door, you can be sure to display it in a way that does your home justice.  Here are some art display missteps’ to avoid making.

Incorrect Scale: Disregarding proportions are one of the cardinal sins of displaying art. A giant wall takes up a lot of real estate and the art you’re hanging on it should be proportional to the space it’s covering.  The only thought that will resonate with guests that see too small of an artwork hanging on a sizable wall is how distracting it is.  If you’re trying to accentuate how tall a room is, opt for a vertical piece of art.  Artwork in a horizontal orientation will promote a room’s width.

Wrong Height: Artwork should be hung at eye level.  In most cases, this means, that the center of the artwork is 57 inches above the floor which is considered “gallery height”.  Bear in mind that if the piece is hanging over furniture, you may need to disregard this rule in order to avoid any unnatural gaps.  In a dining room, eye level is lower because the occupants are sitting, so artwork will need to be placed at a lower height to account for this.  Wall hangings in children’s bedrooms should be placed at the eye level of the occupant.

Not Enough Variety: The main reason art is considered subjective is because it’s intended to be an extension of your personality.  Limiting yourself to pieces that only incorporate colors within the room and don’t actually interest you is something you should stop doing immediately.  Likewise, the art in your home should be diverse.  Alternate between canvases, framed prints, family portraits and sculptures.  The bigger the assortment, the better

Lack of Negative Space: We’ve all been in rooms where you literally have no idea what the wall color is because there’s so much junk hanging on the wall.  You immediately become over stimulated because your brain can’t process where to look next.  Leave some negative space and avoid the negative energy that accompanies this type of room.


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