Oct 24, 2020

Getting Started on Your Next Roofing & Insulation Project

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions addressed by calling or texting 651-989-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 10.24.20.

As the days become shorter and the weather turns cooler, roof installation can become more of a challenge.  Ever the innovator, GAF created the Timberline® HDZ™ shingles, which can be installed in temperatures as low as 10°.  It also is accompanied with an industry-first wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation.  Even more impressive is that the shingles are accompanied with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty that covers both labor and materials.

Timberline HZ Weathered Wood

When considering a roofing project, your home’s attic should also be evaluated to ensure that it’s properly insulated and ventilated in order to give your shingles the longest possible lifespan.  It’s imperative that the insulation contractor you partner with can explain their methodologies and their reasoning behind them.  They should be utilizing diagnostic tools such as blower doors, smoke sticks, and infrared imaging to create a customized roadmap for your project.  Simply blowing in insulation into an attic can actually do more harm than good by creating a cold surface, which leads to condensation and attic mold.  In addition, there needs to be the correct push to pull ratio between the soffit and roof vents.

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Prior to having roof vents installed, ask for clarification on the type(s) being suggested. Ridge vents are becoming a popular option because they ensure that the highest point of the roof is where the ventilation is taking place.

Another popular question our team receives this time of the year is whether their gutters’ downspouts should be folded up or left outstretched.  Our best advice is to fold them up or remove them so that they do not become covered in snow and become damaged by being stepped on or run over.

before gutters

For homeowners still hoping to stain their wooden decks before winter hits, we urge them to seek out oil-based stains by either Penofin® or Sikkens.  While temperature range recommendations vary by manufacturer, it’s best practice to not stain a deck when it is below 40° out.  Once snow does fall on brown-treated decking, special care should be taken to not scratch the deck when clearing it.  Failure to clear snow off the deck leaves it exposed to excess moisture, which can eventually cause damage.  Composite decking can be installed in the winter months, but special consideration needs to be taken due to the material’s ability to expand and contract.

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"Lindus staff did high quality work and were highly professional. The roofers were amazingly hard workers. After the project was done, we have had a number of people walking by comment on what a great job Lindus did and how unusual and beautiful the new roof is. A realtor has told us the work done by Lindus will increase the resale value of our house. The project financing we received is an exceptionally good deal.”

David Z.
Minneapolis, MN
October 22, 2020

"In our cul-de-sac there are six houses, four of us have had some kind of project going on in the past two weeks. Lindus came in trucks with their name, phone number, etc on the truck. The people working on other projects came in their F-150 with ladders. NO name, phone number or any other identifying  information on the trucks.  Our neighbors were impressed by the work done by Lindus.  Everyone from Lindus involved with this project was professional, knowledgeable, and this roof got done in two days because they all worked as a team."

Joe & Peggy D.
Bloomington, MN
October 9, 2020

"Two days of fabulous workers from Lindus!  The work is completed with clean up both days being stellar.  We are thrilled with the work.”  

Rod & Mary K.
Richfield, MN
June 23, 2020

"The crew was very prompt and professional. Due to impending rain, a crew of 10-12 came and completed our lake home in one day! My husband was present and I was not. When I arrived, I could not even tell they were there--they had cleaned everything up.  I would hire again."

Colleen S.
Winter, WI
June 23, 2020

"They are wonderful people. I had my attic and basement insulated. It was all awesome. Thank you!!!"

Nadine P.
Red Wing, MN
May 22, 2020

"We appreciate the professionalism that every team that visited showed us and our house.  Thank you very much."

Ryan F.
Lakeville, MN
April 3, 2020
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