Sep 09, 2021

E32: Cory Doesn’t Get Contracts

Cory Hepola has a house and doesn’t quite understand the fine print. Andy Lindus lists the red flags that Cory needs to be aware of when reviewing any contractor’s contract. Also, the tools you’ll end up buying twice if you go cheap in round one and the tools every homeowner should have in their arsenal.

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"I have LeafGuard® and just got whole house done with Infinity® from Marvin Windows, all from Lindus and am very happy with product, install and service."

Jim J.
Stillwater, MN
August 19, 2021

"I had been reviewing the different systems for gutters and decided LeafGuard® Brand Gutters was the best. Had read reviews from other people and also knew a person who has had them for 10 years with no problems. They got the job done two weeks before they said they would. The workers were very good, only took them about five hours." 

Norman W.
Minneapolis, MN
August 19, 2021

"Starting with my roof and gutters last year and then the siding this year, I highly recommend Lindus for their professionalism and quality of product. Probably no other one I would consider going with."

Michael F.
Bloomington, MN
August 2, 2021
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