Nov 30, 2015

Bathtub Material Guide

Homeowners are rejecting the cookie cutter approach to home improvement projects in droves.  And with good reason!  If you’ve got the option to make your home an extension of yourself, why wouldn’t you? One room that’s becoming increasingly tailored to the homeowners’ specifications is the bathroom. The bathtub takes up a significant amount of the room’s footprint and in many cases is becoming a showpiece within the room.  Here’s what you need to know about the bathtub materials you can find in today’s marketplace.


If you’re looking for an ordinary, inexpensive bathtub, seek out fiberglass.  It can be manufactured in an endless array of shapes and hues.  However, if it’s a long soak in a warm bath you desire, it’s best to look to another material, as fiberglass tubs are notorious for losing heat quickly. Their shelf life is limited because they lack the strength and stain resistance of other materials.

Cast Iron

If it’s a resilient material you’re after, cast iron is the ideal choice because it’s thicker compared to other materials.  Its finish holds up well against scratching, chipping and cracking.  They also effectively maintain warmer water temperatures longer than other materials.  Price-wise they are less economical.  Their weight can make them tricky to install and the flooring they are installed on oftentimes requires additional support.  Another common complaint about them is that when it comes to sizes and shapes, the choices are sparse.


Copper bathtubs are the trademark of an opulent bathroom.  In addition to being alluring, they also earn high marks for their ability to fend off molding and scratching.  Because they are a premium material, they can be tricky to track down and you’ll likely have to special order one.  Don’t count on having your pick of styles, as they are quite limited.


A glass bathtub is the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom.   You can have them tailored to the size and shape you desire.  Special care must be taken during installation to not damage the tub.  They are also tricky to maintain, but chances are if you’ve got the funds to acquire one, you’re not the individual responsible for cleaning it.

Cultured Marble

This material is made by mixing crumbled marble with a resin.  It is then covered with a transparent top coat.  Homeowners with this type of bathtub appreciate how easy it is to clean and how well it holds up to stains.  Do know that this material is more fragile than others and while scratches can oftentimes be buffed out, cracking is typically a permanent situation.


Yes, you read that correctly.  Bathtubs can be constructed out of wood.  In addition to their unique, earthy appearance they are lauded for their insulation properties which keep the bath water warmer longer.  Another appealing characteristic of a wooden bathtub is the homeowners’ ability to select the type of wood they want to use, giving them substantial control over its look.  Do know that wooden bathtubs need a reliable sealcoat on them in order to prevent stains and leaks.  They also come with a steep price tag.


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