May 04, 2019

Fast Facts About Chimney Repair

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Although a home’s chimney is located on its roof, chimney repairs made are most often completed by a brick mason.  The skills needed to successfully complete this task are highly specialized and those that excel at this type of work are often high in demand.  Even seemingly small repairs can be tedious tasks to complete due to the chimney’s location.  Substantial precautionary measures must be taken in order to ensure that the repair is completed in a safe manner.  Prices vary widely and depend on the type of roof a home has.  Homes that are simpler to complete chimney repairs on are single story homes with a walkable roof.  Two story homes with steeper pitches increase substantially in price.  One of the most popular chimney repairs is called tuckpointing.  Tuckpointing becomes necessary when the mortar between the stone or brick has come loose.  To address, some of the preexisting mortar needs to be scraped out and mortared again.  The configuration of a home’s roof and the location of the chimney impact the frequency at which a chimney is damaged by nature’s elements.  The exhaust from gas burning fireplaces can contribute to the deterioration of mortar on a home’s chimney.  The same holds true for the freeze/thaw cycle.

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"Excellent work, on time and pleasant to work with."

Gary E.
New Brighton, MN
March 25, 2019

"Excellent work, I still get compliments!!  Thank you Lindus!!"

Adella W.
St. Paul, MN
April 7, 2019

"It has been reassuring that Lindus does prioritize customer service and quality craftsmanship. Thank you!"

Anna & Tom E.
Minneapolis, MN
January 15, 2019

"Friendly service and they do great work. They installed a new roof and this year 2019 I had them come out and take snow off the roof. On time with the snow removal. Very happy with Lindus Construction."

Daniel O.
Plymouth, MN
March 26, 2019

"My experience with Lindus has been exceptional. When I have experienced an issue, they have responded in a very timely manner. I would truly recommend Lindus to anyone looking for roofing and gutters.  They truly stand behind their workmanship."

Sandy K.
Minneapolis, MN
April 5, 2019

"We have hired Lindus for several home repairs and improvements during the past few years: a roof replacement, installation of the LeafGuard® Gutters, and repair of our aluminum fascia. Each project has been exceptionally well done!!"

Anna E.
Minneapolis, MN
December 13, 2018
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