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Bathroom Sink Style Guide

16 February 2015

When building your perfect bathroom, it’s imperative that you understand the different styles of sinks available because the one you choose will dramatically impact the layout of the room.  Here’s our handy guide to the different styles available to make selecting your next bathroom sink a breeze.

Pedestal Sinks- Similar in shape to a birdbath, pedestal sinks are independent fixtures that have a wide bowl and a slender base.  They are ideal for powder rooms and guest bathrooms, but are impractical for master bathrooms because they do not have storage space for bathroom accessories.  They are cost effective and easy to install and transport.

Wall-Mount Sinks –This type of sink is a close cousin to the pedestal sink.  The major difference is that wall-mounted sinks are the basin only and do not have a pedestal.  They’re also great for small-scale bathrooms and can be installed at various heights to meet a homeowner’s requirements.  Some homeowners shy away from them because they do not like being able to see the pipe under the drain, though a shroud can be installed to avoid this.

Drop-In Sink- Most of this sink rests within the countertop but a small lip expands over the top.  They’re a cost effective option that is easy to install.  Because of their layout, they splash easily.  Due to the lip around the sink, a drawback to this style is you can’t easily wipe spills into the sink.

Undermount Sinks-As the name implies, this type of sink attaches to a countertop’s underside.  A perk of this type of sink is that it’s easy to clean because it sits flush with the countertop.  Undermount sinks are also more expensive to install than drop-in sinks because of the labor involved.

Above Counter Sinks- This type of sink is gaining popularity in bathrooms because of their elegance and performance.  Though they come in an array of shapes, round bowls are the most used.  They can be installed so they sit on top of the countertop or they can be lowered into the countertop down to half its height; sink elevation should take into consideration a homeowner’s height.  They are easy to install and free up counter space.  A drawback to above counter sinks is that because both the outside and inside are viewable, they must both be cleaned.  Incorrect installation can also cause the sink to move.

Combined Sink & Countertop- The one-piece, seamless design of this style gives it a sleek, high-end look.  There are no ridges, making it easy to clean.  Installation of this type of sink is relatively easy.  This type of sink is accompanied by under the sink storage which is also a perk in a large bathroom.  Shy away from this design in small bathroom where useable square footage is more valuable than storage space.