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Why Home Window Replacement Isn’t a DIY Project

31 December 2019

Although the internet contains a wealth of information for homeowners looking to tackle their own home improvement projects, custom window installation is one that truly requires the touch of a quality contractor.  Here at Lindus Construction, our window installers do not toggle between departments.  Instead, their only task is to complete window replacement.  This is because there are so many ways the project can go sideways without the assistance of a contractor familiar with window construction.  Below, are just a few issues that can arise when tackling this type of project on your own.

door install

Erroneous Measurements: Whether it’s negligent miscalculations or confusing how to get the most accurate measurements, homeowners often fall short because correct window measurements were never taken.  At times, homeowners believe that measurements can be taken of the current window.  This approach fails to take into consideration any dry rot not visible until the unit has been removed.  If custom windows have been ordered, it’s highly unlikely they can be returned.

Removing the Old Windows: While this may seem like a straightforward endeavor, any damage done to the rough opening must be fixed for the new windows to be installed correctly.  Those removing old windows must also be cognizant of electrical wires and boxes.

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Air Leaks: Even if you’ve selected a window line known for its quality, if the windows are installed incorrectly, it’s only a matter of time before air leaks ensue.  Contrary to popular belief, an expensive leak may not be glaringly obvious.  Unnoticed gaps cause air infiltration which will raise your energy bills add strain to your home’s furnace and air conditioner.  Leaks provide a gateway for traffic noises, insects, dust, and allergens to enter your home.

Operational Issues: If there’s difficulty opening, closing, and latching a window immediately after replacement, the odds are that the replacement wasn’t completed correctly.  This can lead to notable adjustments needing to be made or the windows needing to be completely re-installed by a professional.

window installation
Here’s our team working on a full frame window installation project.

Warranty Concerns: While major window manufacturers offer warranties for their products, they will not honor the warranties if the installation techniques vary from their specifications.  Quality window installers are well-versed in window installation techniques and offer workmanship warranties, protecting the homeowners in the event the product they installed fails due installer error.

Navigating Unanticipated Issues: Not all window installation obstacles are known until the current window has been removed.  Reliable window contractors have the skillset to address dry rot, glass that breaks during installation, and adjustments needed when the window size varies from the rough opening.

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