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Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Roof

30 June 2021

There are many home improvements that amateurs can easily complete without the assistance of a contractor.  However, roofing does not fall into this category for many reasons.  Allow us to explain.

Safety: From the ground, a roof’s slope may appear non-threatening.  However, simply climbing the roof is just the beginning of the project. Installing a new roof also involves carrying heavy shingles and tools.  A fall from a roof can even cost you your life.

roof install

Manufacturer Warranties: Roofing manufacturers offer warranties on their materials.  However, the warranty is voided if the person installing the roof fails to install a roof inside the manufacturer’s strict stipulations.  This means if the roof fails prematurely due to shoddy installation practices, the roof’s warranty is voided, and the homeowner is left paying for a new roof out of pocket.  Common rookie roofing mistakes can lead to mold, structural, damage, and wood rot.  Reputable roofers are known for offering lifetime workmanship guarantees that stipulate if a roof fails prematurely due to installation, they will replace it free of charge.

roof installation

Material Acquisition: Quality contractors have good working relationships with material suppliers.  This means they can get reliable materials at affordable rates due to the massive quantities they buy.  Because homeowners are buying shingles for a single time use, they are less likely to get top-notch shingles at the prices contractors can buy them for.

GAF Woodland® shingles in Tuscan Sunset

Time: When local contractors install roofs, they have teams of factory-trained technicians that do the work.  Even with this background, it can take a few days to install a large roof.  DIYers are often left completing roof installations on their own, making their projects drag on for longer than they should.

Timberline HDZ and LeafGuard

Insulation & Ventilation Concerns: Proper insulation and ventilation are critical to a roof lasing its full lifespan.  Without them, shingles can wear out faster than they should, and the roof deck can rot.  In some cases, improper levels of insulation and ventilation can lead to interior mold and mildew issues.  Amateurs often don’t have a working knowledge of how to properly insulate and ventilate a roof. By the time their mistakes are noticed, it’s commonplace for thousands of dollars of damage to have occurred.

mansard roof

Having to Call A Contractor In To Fix Your Work: The best contractors are in high demand and book out weeks or months in advance.  In the event you start your roofing project and get in over your head, you will have a difficult time getting prompt professional assistance.  Some contractors will refuse to pick up a project midway through.

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Insurance Issues: Insurance companies are unlikely to pay a claim on a roof that was installed incorrectly by a homeowner.  They also may not be willing to fully pay a claim if a homeowner opts to install a new roof on their own after a hailstorm.

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