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Secrets About the Most Popular Refrigerator Styles

08 August 2018

The first refrigerators produced for residential use came out in the early 1920’s.  They were approximately $700, which is crazy, considering a new Model T Ford cost $450.  Needless to say, ownership of one was once considered a luxury!  Nowadays, nearly all American homes have one refrigerator, and over 25% have two.  A refrigerator’s lifespan can last up to 17 years, which means the last time you may have bought one, Minnesota was sending a professional wrestler to the governor’s mansion and the world was being introduced to a lovable ogre named Shrek for the first time.  It goes without out saying that a lot can change in 17 years.  Here’s what you need to know about the most popular refrigerator styles.

Refrigerator Only 

How to Spot One: This model does not contain a freezer.

Perks: Skipping the freezer saves you cash.  Foregoing the freezer also means that you’ve got more room for refrigerated space.  Self-installation is a breeze.

Drawbacks:  It’s very rare that you get away without a freezer in your home, so you’ll most likely need to purchase a chest or upright freezer.

Check Out This Model: Frigidaire FPRU19F8RF comes with PowerBright LED lighting that allows you to find your fresh food quickly.

Top Mount Refrigerator

How to Spot One: The freezer is located on top of the refrigerator and is accessed by its own door.  Created in the 1940’s, this style still remains popular today.

Perks: As a rule of thumb, this freezer is one of the most cost effective than other models.  It takes up less real estate in your kitchen than other styles.  Homeowners can easily install this type of refrigerator themselves.

Drawbacks: This type of refrigerator has less storage space.  Some homeowners shy away from them because they do not have a built-in ice and water dispenser in the door.

Check Out This Model:  LG LTCS24223Dhas the largest capacity in its class and has a sleek, handless design.

Here are Must-Know Tips About Appliance Installation:

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

How to Spot One: The freezer is located on the left side and the refrigerator is located on the right side.

Perks: You have your choice of a model with or without a water and ice maker located on the door’s exterior.  Homeowners with them like that the freezer and refrigerator are equally as accessible and that the food in each can be easily viewed at the same time.

Drawbacks: Compact models rarely exist.  If you opt for the water & ice maker in the door, additional plumbing will be needed.  This model has less refrigerated space than other types.  Some homeowners shy away from this style because there needs to be space on both sides for each door to open.

Check Out This Model:Whirlpool WRS588FIHV has a large 28 cu. ft. capacity but doesn’t take up any more room that its 26 cu. ft. counterpart.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator 

How to Spot One: The freezer is located on the bottom and is accessible through a separate door.

Perks: This style allows for more refrigerated space than a top mount freezer.  It’s also easier on your back because the refrigerated portion, which is used more often, is at eye level.

Drawbacks: Placing the freezer on the bottom increases the unit’s cost.  If an external water and ice dispenser is on your must have list, you’ll have to select a different style.

Check Out This Model: LG LDCS24223S is the largest capacity bottom mount refrigerator with bright LED lighting.

French Door Refrigerator

How to Spot One: The refrigerator is housed on the top with split doors and the freezer is located below.

Perks: The interior of this type of refrigerator is spacious.  A unique trait that sets this style apart from others is that you only need to open one half of the refrigerator at a time.  The refrigerator is at eye level which is convenient since that part of the appliance is used much more frequently.

Drawbacks: This type is often the most expensive. Some homeowners complain that the freezer isn’t big enough for a family.  Certain models house the ice maker in the freezer which monopolizes a lot of space.

Check Out This Model: Kitchenaid KRMF706ESS has a five door configuration is a KitchenAid® innovation and industry first.

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