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Seamless vs. Seamed Gutters

07 January 2021

When purchasing new house gutters, one of the most important decisions you are faced with is whether or not your gutters should have seams.  Here’s what you need to know!

Gutters with Seams: Seamed or sectional gutters are the most basic type of gutters.  They can be purchased in segments which are cut to size using a saw. To fuse sections and downspouts, snap-in connectors are used.  For skilled DIYers, they are straightforward to put together and many homeowners are able to install them without the assistance of a contractor.  This allows the homeowner to save labor costs, making them more affordable than gutters without seams. However, if not properly sloped, seamed gutters can become a haven for standing water.  This creates the ideal habitat for mosquitoes.  Another drawback of gutters with seams is that over time the seams weaken and become a spot that is prone to leaking.  Once gutters leak, they are unable to correctly filter water away from your home.  If this issue is left unattended, a home’s foundation can be weakened, landscaping can be washed away, and basement flooding can occur.  Seamed gutters are frequently smaller than seamless gutters, making them prone to overflowing during heavy rainfall.  Another problem with sectional gutters is that they are notorious for collecting organic debris such as leaves and pine needles.  This means routine maintenance is necessary to prevent clogging.

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Seamless Gutters: Seamless gutters are continuous sections of metal guttering that are custom manufactured to fit the specific dimensions of your home.  In order to not void your roofing manufacturer’s warranty, the seamless gutters should be attached to the home’s fascia board and not shingles. Because seamless gutters are comprised of more robust materials and professional installation is needed, they are a more substantial investment than seamed gutters.  High-quality seamless gutters, such as LeafGuard®, are virtually maintenance-free. They have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.  In addition, the patented, one-piece system is guaranteed never to clog, or the installing contractor cleans them free of charge.  The oversize system adds to a home’s curb appeal because it blends in with your exterior architectural features, giving it the look of crown molding.

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