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Fast Facts About Gutter, Insulation, & Window Installation

27 February 2021

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement quandaries addressed by calling or texting 651-989-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 2.27.21.

A common misconception about gutter installation is that an entire home must be completed all at once.  In some instances, homeowners opt to have them installed on the highest points of their home, since those spots are the most dangerous to perform maintenance on.  However, once they see how well their seamless gutters are performing, it’s only a matter of time before they begin gutter replacement on additional areas of their home.  Without free-flowing gutters, home water damage quickly ensues.  For homeowners needing to divert water underneath sidewalks, drain tile systems are available.  Aluminum downspouts can also be outfitted with hinge kickers that can allow them to be folded up to make lawn mowing in these areas easier.  For homeowners wanting to collect rainwater to water their gardens with, rain barrels that collect water from the gutters’ downspouts can be used.

Watch Our Craftsmen Install LeafGuard® Brand Gutters: 

Prior to having spray foam insulation installed in their homes, it’s critical that homeowners understand that they must evacuate their homes for approximately 24 hours.  As the foam cures, fumes are emitted that are harmful if inhaled.  This is a large reason why those that are installing the spray foam insulation are equipped with high-end respirators.  There are temperature restrictions that accompany spray foam insulation installation.  The area it is installed in must be conditioned to a minimum of 40 degrees so that the foam can adhere to the surfaces it needs to.

insulation and ventilation

Before installing new windows in your home, it’s wise to understand their solar heat gain ratings.  Window contractors in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin often recommend using windows with Low-E film.  When the sun is lower on the horizon, the windows can absorb more of the sun’s energy.  In the summer months, as the sun gets higher on the horizon, the windows will reflect the sun’s energy, lessening the level of solar heat gain.

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