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Prepping for Your Roofing, Door, or Porch Project

03 April 2021

When faced with roof replacement, one of the first questions homeowners have is how much the project will cost.  The answer to this isn’t as straightforward as one might imagine.  First, shingle style and color need to be considered.  Your home’s insulation and ventilation also need to be evaluated to see if upgrades are needed.  Without this, the lifespan of your roof may be lessened.  Many times, seamless gutters also need to be added and soffit and fascia needs repair.  This is why it’s wise to get free estimates from reputable roofers to understand what your best option is.

GAF Woodland® shingles in Tuscan Sunset

A reputable roofer can also help you understand the differences between asphalt shingles and metal roofing.  Quality metal roofs are accompanied with a lifetime warranty on the material and a finish warranty that spans 25 to 35 years.  If shingles are properly selected, such as those from GAF, they can be accompanied with 50-year, non-prorated warranties that cover both labor and materials. Timberline® UHD with Dual Shadow Line proves to be a popular choice because its thickness enhances curb appeal.  Timberline® ArmorShield™ II Shingles combine the aesthetics of Timberline® shingles but are accompanied but are UL 2218 Class 4-rated, meaning they are designed to better withstand the impact of hail.  For homeowners looking to imitate the appearance of cedar shakes without the maintenance, GAF Glenwood® shingles are a popular selection.  These shingles are also impact rated for extreme weather, which should be of vital importance to homeowners in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, where hail is prevalent.

See a Completed GAF Glenwood® Shingle Roof: 

Homes that suffer from chronic ice dams frequently have attics that are tricky to insulate. They often benefit from the installation of a metal roof because the snow and ice do not accumulate on them.  The dirty secret about ice dams is that once they hit a home’s insulation, ice dams become more prevalent because the integrity of insulation has been compromised, allowing for frost formation to happen easier.  It’s worth noting that a metal roof is more labor intensive to install, but the price of asphalt shingles is more than most metal roofing products.

metal roof

Prior to having a new front door installed, it’s imperative that you understand the popular materials that are available.  ProVia manufactures many different styles of front doors to fit any home’s architecture.  Both fiberglass and steel entry doors are available.  Regardless of the material, homeowners should strive for a multi-point locking system that can provide top-tier energy efficiency and security. Front doors aren’t used as often as other doors around a home.  As homes experience expansion and contraction throughout the seasons, a multi-point locking system will ensure that a door does not get out of adjustment.  It also provides optimum air infiltration ratings because the seal pulls the door tightly against the home.

ProVia Storm Door

Homeowners that are considering the installation of a three-season porch should also price it against the building of a four-season porch, which can be used year-round. The cost to retrofit a three-season porch can be two to three times as much than if a four-season porch has been initially built.

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