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Tom & Marian’s TimberTech AZEK® Deck Installation in Somerset, WI

At Lindus Construction, we’re pleased to have served over 75,000 happy homeowners over the past 40+ years.  We consider it a point of pride when customers are so pleased with the first project that we complete for them that they opt to continue to contact us for future work as the need arises.  Such was the case with Tom and Marian from Somerset, Wisconsin.  A few years back, our team had gotten to know the couple while completing a kitchen renovation for them that included new countertops, a backsplash, and flooring.

wood deck
Here’s what the home’s preexisting deck looked like.

Now, the couple was interested in discussing options for the replacement of their 20-year-old cedar deck.  They asked for our guidance on aesthetically pleasing maintenance-free decking and railing materials in colors that would be enjoyed for years to come.  They were receptive to design suggestions and were particularly interested in our expert opinion on reconfiguring the stairway so that it went straight down, rather than having a landing in the middle.  Here’s a summary of the components our craftsmen utilized to create a deck that will be a point of pride at Tom & Marian’s home for years to come.

Decking: The deck boards frame, stairs, and skirting were all made by TimberTech AZEK® and are from their Vintage Collection®.  The capped polymer boards are offered in opulent, yet earthy hues.  The astute observer will notice the low-gloss finish contains ethereal wire brush marks to promote a genuine wood look.  TimberTech AZEK® wins high marks with homeowners and contractors alike because it holds up well to scratching and denting.  In the summer months, Tom & Marian will appreciate that their new deck is substantially cooler to the touch than many other options in the product class.  In the winter months, the deck has been reported to be nearly half as slippery as similar brands.  While their previous wood deck was susceptible to mold and discoloration, the proprietary composition of TimberTech AZEK® ensures these issues are a thing of the past.

TimberTech Azek

Footings: In Western Wisconsin, it’s important to use deck footings that can maintain their stronghold though the freeze/thaw cycle.  Deck footings also need to compensate for moist soil varieties.  This is why we suggested the use of Diamond Pier® footings on Tom & Marian’s deck.  Diamond Pier® deck footings have a unique look and contain a concrete diamond on top of the deck with a pin jack hammered into the ground, providing a tripod like appearance.

TimberTech Azek

Railing: In the realm of deck maintenance, one of the most tedious jobs is staining deck railings.  Understanding this, Tom & Marion appreciated our suggestion of the installation of a Fortress® steel railing.  They are manufactured using proprietary coating technology to ensure the product will last a lifetime, forgoing the worry of rust or corrosion.

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After the project was completed, the couple sent the following email to the head of our decking department to compliment the craftsmen involved in the conceptualization and building of their dream deck.

Luke Panek worked with us to develop a design that he promised “Would really please us”.  Luke was right- we are very pleased with every aspect of our new deck.  The materials, colors of the decking and railing, and overall design, including a reconfigured stairway, all enhance our property and will allow us to continue to enjoy our home.

The crew you assigned to our project was ideal.  Dave was the leader and was assisted by Leo for most of the construction.  Noah and Tristen were occasional workers.   Dave set the tone for this industrious crew.  Everyone knew what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  We really appreciated how much respect they showed for us and our property.  Dave checked with us often and sought our approval whenever he thought it was appropriate. His attention to detail was obvious including how neat and tidy our property was left at the conclusion of the project. It was great having this crew at our home.  They are a credit to Lindus Construction.

Cory, we appreciated how you and the others made the effort to see our project during construction. 

Very Satisfied Lindus Clients,

Tom and Marian

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