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Theresa’s LeafGuard® Brand Gutter Installation in Baldwin, WI

Theresa’s 1940’s era home in Western Wisconsin had lots of charming features including hardwood floors, a sizable yard, and a location in a desirable neighborhood.  When she contacted us for a free estimate, her biggest point of frustration was that her home’s gutters needed serious attention.  For starters, they lacked the size needed to properly channel water away from the home’s foundation.  The open style gutters were pulling away from the home and were prone to clogging. This was leading to discolored siding, particularly on the home’s garage.  Here’s how the installation of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters was able to remedy the situation.

LeafGuard install

Oversize Design: Oftentimes, we’re asked by homeowners whether five- or six-inch gutters are better.  While an inch in diameter doesn’t seem like a giant-size difference, it is.  Theresa was pleased to learn that the installation of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters would allow significantly more water to channel away from her home due to their six-inch trough size.  In addition, they’re custom-manufactured with oversized downspouts that ensure rainwater safely exits the gutters and is channeled far away from the home’s foundation.

LeafGuard close-up

Clog-Resistance: Clogged gutters are problematic for several reasons.  First, they create a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes.  In addition, they destroy a home’s landscaping and create erosion from the water hitting the ground repeatedly with excessive force.  Even more problematic, is their ability to contribute to wood rood rot, which can create thousands of dollars in unnecessary home repairs.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters offer Theresa with the ultimate peace of mind.  The patented, one-piece system is guaranteed never to clog.  In the event it does, we will come out and clean them free of charge.  Even more appealing is that if Theresa ever decides to sell her home, the warranty will transfer to the next homeowner. Baldwin, WI LeafGuard install

Built-In Hood: LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are a gutter and a topper all in one piece.  This proves advantageous from a curb appeal standpoint because the gutters and their cover are an identical match.  If Theresa had opted for just a cover for her gutters, it would have been nearly impossible to match the weathered coloring on her home’s preexisting gutters.

See How LeafGuard® Brand Gutters Are Installed: 

Durability: One of the biggest issues with Theresa’s gutters is that they were made from flimsy material. This was part of the reason they were pulling away from her home.  With the installation of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters, this major quandary is addressed.  LeafGuard® is custom manufactured from aluminum that’s 20% thicker than ordinary systems, allowing it to withstand Western Wisconsin’s extreme weather conditions.

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