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Terry & Christine’s Orono, MN Three Season Porch Project

There’s an old adage that says “They don’t build them like that anymore.”  This saying absolutely applies to historic homes.  In the last century, there have been tremendous changes to codes, installation techniques, and building materials.  As a contractor, working with a century old homes is a challenge that brings great satisfaction upon completion.  1910 was the year Terry & Christine’s home was built.  When they contacted us for an estimate, they had a wish list that included enclosing their deck, upgrading the home’s insulation, and installing new gutters and windows .  After taking the time to understand what their project goals were, we suggested the following home upgrades.

old deck
Here’s how the deck look before we enclosed it.

Three Season Porch: Terry and Christine had attached their porch to an addition that had been completed on the home in the 1990’s.  While they had enjoyed the porch for several years, they knew they would get more use out of it if it was enclosed.  We agreed and suggested replacing the wooden boards with AZEK® flooring in MoradoAZEK® was a great fit for this project because of its scratch and stain resistance.  The exterior railing was finished in antique bronze in order to fit in with the home’s rustic exterior.  Sunspace windows were installed to allow a maximum amount of natural light to illuminate the area.  Terry and Christine asked if it was possible to include antique leaded glass pieces to infuse historic charm into the new space.  We were happy to accommodate this request and installed them on opposite ends of the three season porch to ensure perfect balance.  The installation technique we utilized allows for the antique glass to be be easily removed and taken with them in the event the couple opts to move in the future.  Due to rot, we replaced the siding near the home’s entry with LP® SmartSide® in Hampton Red, which is both maintenance-free and an ideal match for the home’s preexisting siding.  A section of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters was installed over the three season porch’s entrance to protect the brick walkway and to eliminate gushing rainwater from soaking those entering and leaving the space.

The window to the right of the front door was one of the leaded glass pieces we integrated into the three season porch.

Roofing and Insulation: Without question, owners of historic homes routinely complain about a lack of attic insulation.  Terry and Christine also fell in this category.  Part of this custom home renovation included extending the roofline in the back of the home with GAF asphalt shingles.  This provided the perfect opportunity to open up otherwise concealed areas and install spray foam insulation.  We identified vermiculite insulation in other portions of the home, removed it, and replaced it with a combination of spray foam and fiberglass insulation.  In newer areas of the home, we discovered insulation had never been properly installed and took this opportunity to remedy the situation.

3 season porch
AZEK® flooring in Morado, and a Marvin patio door were a part of this project.

Windows and Doors: In a quest to make their home as energy efficient as possible, Terry and Christine opted to have us install two SeasonGuard awning windows.  We take great pride in offering these windows to Minnesota homeowners because they have some of the industry’s lowest air infiltration rates.  This is largely due to the fact that they have three continuous seals of weather stripping.  A new patio door was also a top priority and part of this project included the installation of a new one by Marvin.

3 season porch
Here’s how the exterior of the three season porch turned out!

On the day before Thanksgiving, our Design/Build Specialist, Eric, stopped in to see how Terry and Christine were enjoying their new three season porch.  He was pleasantly surprised to see that they were utilizing the space to host guests the next day.  Eric looks forward to working with the couple on their next project at their northern Minnesota cabin.

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