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Ron’s White Bear Lake, MN Roof & Gutter Project

While there are many DIY projects homeowners can complete, Ron in White Bear Lake, MN knew that his roofing and gutter project required professional assistance.  As is the case with one in three of our clients, he was referred to us by a friend that had utilized our services.  Ron’s concerns for his Ramsey County home were twofold.  First, he was unhappy with his current gutters because they were underperforming.  Secondly, and more pressing, was the fact that his roof was leaking.

When we arrived at Ron’s home, one of the first things we did was climb up on the roof to determine the origin of the leak.


Having that information would allow us to better understand if the 17-year-old roof should be repaired or replaced.  Upon closer examination, we discovered the root of the problem was actually improperly installed gutters.  When gutters are installed without a slope and become clogged, the water can actually backup onto the home’s roof and cause damage, which is what happened on Ron’s Twin Cities home.

Ron had been in his home since 1986 and has no intentions of leaving it anytime soon.  He made it clear to us that he wanted a long-lasting solution for both his roof and gutters that was also aesthetically pleasing.

When it came to roofing, our recommendation, was Timberline Ultra HD® shingles by North America’s largest manufacturer of roofing, GAF.  What sets Timberline Ultra HD® shingles apart from ordinary architectural shingles is the volume of layers.  Not only do they provide an aesthetically pleasing look, butshingle they are known to increase home resale value.  A major contributing factor to this is their Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratory, which is the highest possible classification.  Another perk to GAF Timberline Ultra HD® shingles is that they come with StainGuard® protection which wards off the hideous algae that can grow on a roof.  In the realm of roofing, black is a timeless color that complements an array of architectural styles.  Charcoal gray was the color used for this project and fits in perfectly with the style of the mid-1970’s home.

When it comes to gutters, cleaning them is the last thing any homeowner wants to be stuck doing.  Understanding first-hand the consequences of inadequate gutters, Ron chose to have us install LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. Crafted specifically for his home, they are comprised of aluminum that’s 20% thicker than other brands.  Their low profile design provides the look of crown molding which enhances curb appeal.  Best of all, if they ever clog, our gutter company will be the ones addressing the issue at no cost to him.

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