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Robert & Nancy’s Inver Grove Heights GAF Asphalt Shingle Installation

After hail occurs, it can be tempting to entrust your roof installation to the first contractor that shows up at your door. However, these types of individuals tend to be storm chasing contractors.  Oftentimes, these individuals are from several states away and skip town before fully completing the job to the homeowners’ satisfaction.  Even more troubling, is that they are nearly impossible to get in touch with should their work not stand the test of time.  Understanding this, Twin Cities homeowners, Robert & Nancy, opted to poll their family and friends for recommendations of a reliable contractor after hail destroyed their roof.  It was then that they called Lindus Construction for a free estimate.  Appreciative of our ability to assist them in navigating the insurance restoration process and having confidence in our craftsmanship, they opted to retain our services for the installation of GAF Woodland® shingles in Tuscan Sunset.  Here’s why they are such a reliable roofing selection.

roof with hail

Warranty: Prior to committing to a roof, it’s important to comprehend the warranties associated with it.  Robert and Nancy experienced the ultimate peace of mind because the GAF shingles they selected when installed by Lindus Construction are accompanied with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty that covers both labor and materials.  That, coupled with Lindus Construction’s lifetime workmanship guarantee ensures that this is the last roof they’ll install on their home.

GAF Woodland® shingles in Tuscan Sunset

StainGuard® Protection: One of the biggest detractions from a roof’s curb appeal is the growth of algae.  Ever the innovator, GAF custom-manufactures Woodland® shingles with their proprietary StainGuard® protection.  This component utilizes new time release technology to ensure that the algae-fighting copper is emitted in proper durations.  So confident in StainGuard®, GAF offers a 25-year limited warranty against blue-green algae discoloration.

GAF Woodland® shingles in Tuscan Sunset

Aesthetics: GAF Woodland® shingles were an alluring addition to Robert & Nancy’s 1950’s era home because of their artisan shaping, conceptualized as a nod to the hand-cut shingles found in Europe.  They elevate the property’s curb appeal through the use of dimensional designs and a high-end color palette.  To round out the look, we installed a copper-colored metal roof accent.  Noticing that one section of their preexisting gutter covers were clogging, impairing their functionality, the couple opted to have a section of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters installed.

Here’s How to Make Your Home’s Roof Last As Long As Possible: 

Peace of Mind: Our installers utilized GAF’s Dura Grip™ adhesive to seal the shingle.  This step in the roof installation process is critical because it ensures that the shingles properly adhere to the roof, alleviating the concern of shingle blow-off.  In addition, the shingles are appealing to insurance companies because they have the best possible fire rating.

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