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Paul’s LeafGuard® & Residential Metal Roofing Project in Crystal, MN

1968 is a year that will forever live in infamy.  Several notable events shifted the course of our nation’s history.  These include the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, rioting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and Apollo 8 becoming the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon.  The year was a momentous one for our future client, Paul, because it marked the purchase of his Crystal, MN home.  Five decades later, Paul was still enjoying the home he lived in, but he knew that both his roofing and gutters were in need of replacement. before photo

Here’s How Our Team Was Able to Assist:

Roof: When we climbed on the roof, many of the shingles showed evidence of granule loss, signaling that the roof wouldn’t be able to provide adequate protection for his home much longer.  Wanting this roof to be the last he had installed on his home, Paul asked us for a comparison of metal vs. asphalt roofing.  He appreciated that with the installation of metal roofing, his home would be one of only a handful in the area 

to have metal roofing installed.  Paul felt that this distinction would enhance his home’s curb appeal.  He was also drawn to metal roof installation because of its longevity.  With a 50 year lifespan, Paul felt confident that this metal roof would be the last roof he’d have to install on his home.  When it came to color selection, we opted for SunNet Blue.  This hue was a natural fit because of how well it complemented the home’s siding color.

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Soffit & Gutters: When we inspected the preexisting gutters on Paul’s home, their size was cause for concern.  It was evident that during times of substantial rainfall, it would be a struggle for them to efficiently filter water away from the home.  A secondary concern was the tendency of Paul’s gutters to clog from all of the debris shed by the stately trees on his home’s lot.  Rather than become stressed by these issues, Paul entrusted our team with LeafGuard® Brand Gutter installation. They’re guaranteed to never clog and intended to be the last gutters he’ll ever install on their home.  Prior to awarding them the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval, the Good Housekeeping Institute certified them to handle over 32 inches of rain in an hour due to their oversized design.  Another perk of LeafGuard® is that they keep roofing warranties intact because they’re installed on the home’s fascia board.  While working on this portion of Paul’s home, he also had us install TruVent® Soffit.  Just as LeafGuard® enhances curb appeal, so does TruVent® Soffit. Its patented design masks vents holes, while ensuring that the proper amount of air is able to flow through.truvent soffit

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