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Michael’s White Bear Lake Metal Roof Project

While there’s no denying that a newly installed roof can be a thing of beauty, oftentimes it doesn’t stay that way long.  Prone to rot, insect infiltration, and algae growth, there are a plethora of reasons that the vast majority of homeowners are in favor of lower maintenance roofing options, such as asphalt and metalcedar shake before metal roof

Michael’s property in the Old White Bear community has a stunning lake view.  His primary reason for reaching out to our company was because his guest home had a cedar shake roof in desperate need of replacement.  The wood had become weathered and many of the shakes had algae growing on them.  The guest house was surrounded by mature trees which were continuously shedding twigs and pine needles onto the roof.debris on cedar shake before metal roof

On average, a well-maintained cedar shake roof has a lifespan ranging from seven to fifteen years and requires frequent cleaning in order to maintain appearances.  After discussing the pros and cons of popular roofing materials, Michael ultimately chose Englert metal roofing.

Here are just some of the perks metal roofing has over cedar shakes:

Fire Rating: Englert metal roofing carries a Class A fire performance rating, which is classified as the greatest resistance.  Cedar shakes present a fire hazard and some states no longer allow them to be installed because of this.

Durability:  Englert metal roofing has a 50-year warranty on the steel and the finish has a 35-year warranty.  Cedar shake roofs simply can’t touch these types of warranties.

metal roof on white bear lake, mn cabin
Here’s how the roof turned out!

Green Attributes: Cedar is a slow-growing tree that can take 200+ years to be mature enough to be harvested for cedar shakes.  Metal roofing is comprised of 100% recyclable material.  In addition, the finish used on Englert metal roofing has a high reflectivity and low emissivity.  This equates to summer cooling costs that can be lowered by 20-40%.

Maintenance: With a metal roof, there’s no concern of ice dams, algae growth, or organic debris sitting on it and damaging the roof.  These concerns are abundant with a cedar shake roof.

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