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Matt’s SeasonGuard Window and Patio Door Project in Hudson, WI

Matt, an avid outdoorsman, jumped at the chance to purchase a Western Wisconsin home situated on two acres.  He appreciated the large mature trees throughout the property and picturesque views.  The interior of the house was equally appealing with hardwood floors and updated bathrooms.  Although the home’s insulation had recently been upgraded by the seller, it wasn’t long after Matt moved in that he was noticing drafts from both patio doors and several of the windows.  This was to be expected, as many of the windows were original to the home which was built in 1966.  Like many homeowners, Matt chose to have his project completed in phases.  For the first phase of the project, the top priorities were the replacement of both of his patio doors, new living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom windows.

Awning Windows: There are several benefits of awning windows, which are hinged on the top and open inward and outward.  This configuration allows for increased ventilation, which was desirable in both Matt’s kitchen and bathroom.  In addition, awning windows provide privacy while also allowing natural light to filter in. Matt appreciated that the SeasonGuard awning windows he chose are accompanied with warranties on the workmanship, glass, and all moving parts.  Their triple pane ensures that Matt’s home energy efficiency woes are a thing of the awning window

Casement & Picture Windows: In both Matt’s living and dining room, scenic views are abundant due to the casement and picture windows.  However, the air infiltration from the preexisting windows had become impossible to ignore.  The installation of SeasonGuard picture and casement windows proved to be a sound choice on several fronts.  They feature 27% more visible glass than other windows in their category, inviting an abundance of natural light into Matt’s home. SeasonGuard windows also feature Latitude Glass which will keep Matt’s home cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.

dining room casement picture casement

Patio Doors: Matt knew without a doubt that sliding door replacement was needed in two areas of his home.  Both sets of doors were prone to frosting during the winter months because they had experienced seal failure.  The flooring adjacent to the floors was also colder than those in the middle of the room, which was evidence of air infiltration.  There were several reasons Matt felt satisfied with his decision to install SeasonGuard patio doors.  They’re fabricated to offer the maximum levels of thermal efficiency and comfort, despite the rampant temperature fluctuations of Western Wisconsin.  SeasonGuard sliding glass doors are constructed to allow for a paramount viewing area, allowing Matt and his family and friends to enjoy the scenery surrounding his home. What’s more SeasonGuard patio doors are designed for daily use and have a high level of durability.

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Upon conclusion of his project, Matt had the following to say about working with Lindus Construction, “I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to use Lindus Construction for my replacement window and door installation.  Their products, warranty, and craftsmanship are top notch.  The window department was extremely responsive and answered all questions I had. I can’t believe how much more energy efficient my home already feels.  I will continue to recommend Lindus Construction to my friends and family. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better home improvement company anywhere.”

seasonguard patio door

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