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Jeff & Diane’s Blaine, MN LeafGuard® Gutter Project

We’ve often touted the benefits of completing correlative home improvement projects at the same in order to ensure the best possible result.  One example of this is windows and siding.  When it’s time to install a new roof on your home, evaluating the effectiveness of your gutters and downspouts is a wise decision.  After all, a roof is a significant investment.  If your gutters are continuously clogging, the water has nowhere to go and can back up onto the roof.  In the winter months, this can contribute to ice damming, which can cause substantial damage to a new roof.

before gutters
Gutters to protect the wooden deck were a must for these homeowners.

Fall was right around the corner when Jeff and Diane in Blaine, MN reached out to to discuss gutter installation as a follow-up to their roofing project.  In addition to protecting their new roof, they were concerned about the amount of water that was crashing onto their home’s wooden deck.  As it stood, gutters did not exist in this area, which was weathering the deck boards.  In addition to eradicating this problem, they also wanted to be certain that the new gutters came in colors that matched their home’s soffit, fascia, and siding.


One of the biggest perks of investing in LeafGuard® Brand Gutters is that they’re custom-made on site for each home they’re installed on.  This allows homeowners to personalize features such as gutter color, downspout length, and placement.  Jeff and Diane opted for a combination of Terratone and Light Gray gutters in order for them to blend into their home.

In order to protect the home’s wooden deck, we proposed tying a downspout into the deck footing to control the flow of water and prevent further damage to the deck.

No sooner had our installers completed the work and the following rave review came to our LeafGuard department from Diane: “I was so excited to get LeafGuard® Gutters and downspouts that I think my husband was tired of hearing about it!  Now that they’re installed I can say I love them so much! OMG…..the colors match great and everything is so neat the way they were installed. I’m really impressed by how the gutters & downspouts were incorporated into our deck (which has a little area with a roof over it) so that we no longer have water pounding down onto the deck when it flows off the roof. I really like the way they took the downspout and followed along one of the footings ‘through the deck’ & directed it out from under. We chose two different shades of grey so that the gutters would match the soffit and fascia while the downspouts match the siding. I think I will enjoy these every time it rains and I’ve already been telling people about them!!!”

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