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Earl & Cindy’s Minnetrista, MN Siding Installation Project

When we first arrived at the colonial style house that Earl and Cindy had called home since its construction in 2001, we were excited for an opportunity to work on the property.  The home itself was architecturally interesting and the landscaping was spot on.  Although the house was less than two decades old, the couple was interested in learning more about LP® siding installation.  Recently, they’d noticed dry rot in their garage and they wanted to correct the situation before further damage could take place.  We found the cause of the dry rot to be because the brickwork on the home lacked enough of a downward slant.  This allowed rainwater to run behind it.  A second argument for the installation of new siding was creating a more visually attractive home.  Here are the products we installed to improve the home’s curb appeal and energy efficiencysiding before

House Wrap

While the siding itself is important to the home’s overall comfort level, and even bigger point of consideration should be the house wrap used.  Like a majority of the homeowners we work with, Earl and Cindy chose to have Insultex™ House Wrap® installed.  This material offers a R-6 insulation with a built-in drainage plane that acts as a dry rot preventative.  The use of this material in tandem with proper home sealing techniques creates an environment an optimum siding installation.  Used in tandem with LP® SmartSide®, a tighter home building envelope is created. insultex


In terms of bang for your dollar, curb appeal and longevity, LP® SmartSide® reigns supreme within the marketplace.  Wanting to forgo future dry rot issues, the couple was delighted by the fact that when water comes in contact with the material, it beads up and is not absorbed.  LP® SmartSide® is impact resistant and is faster to install than fiber cement.  Another appealing aspect of the utilization of this material is that it comes in an array of house siding colors and configurations.  Earl and Cindy embraced this fact and used it to create a custom exterior.  On the front of house, they opted for 7” lap siding.  Staggered edge shakes added interest to the home’s gables.  Around the windows, 4” LP® trim was installed.  White was used to provide contrast.  All of the home’s LP® SmartSide was prefinished in Diamond Kote®.  This finish is accompanied with a 30-year warranty against major weathering factors due to its hard finish. This makes it an ideal solution for the rampant Twin Cities temperature swings.

Watch Our Team of Our Installers Work on this Project: 


Earl and Cindy decided to replace the brick on the home’s exterior with a more modern material.  Versetta Stone® ledgestone installed along the base of the home proved to be the perfect fit.  Versetta Stone® is a cement-based veneer.  Rugged in appearance, it is accompanied with a 50-year limited transferable warranty.  An advantage the material has over natural stone is consistent coloring.  It is lighter weight than stone, putting less stress on a home.  The utilization of mechanical fasteners during installation makes it a swift process.  The couple opted for varied hues of brown and beige, which tied in perfectly with the rest of the home’s color concept. LP SmartSide

“Upon conclusion of the project, Earl left us the following online review, “Lindus made the siding and stone project very easy, from bid to completion. Communication was better than most contractors I have dealt with over the last 40 years of home ownership. The crews were courteous, cleaned up after each day, and kept us posted on the progress. I would certainly use Lindus again for another project. Best of all the house looks great!!”

Here’s a Side-by-Side Comparison of the Home:

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