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Doug’s Infinity® from Marvin Windows Project in Edina, MN

These days, it is a rarity to be able to purchase a historic home from its original owner.  This past summer, our client Doug, jumped at the chance to purchase a 1930’s era home that had never changed hands.  He appreciated its location in the Minnehaha Woods neighborhood of Edina.  Also, charming, was the fact that the home contained two owners’ suites, an uncommon feature in real estate.  Another attractive feature of Doug’s new home was that it contains an abundance of windows which allow in copious amounts of natural light.  However, Doug was deeply concerned about the quality of the windows, as the majority were original to the home.  Shortly after purchasing his house, he reached out to our window experts for advice on custom window replacement.  When selecting a product, his two biggest pieces of criteria were that the new windows be maintenance-free and energy efficient, while still maintaining the home’s illustrious charm.  Here’s why Infinity® from Marvin Windows proved to be the perfect solution for Doug’s home.infinity by marvin

Maintenance-Free: In the 1930’s wood windows were commonplace.  While the home’s nearly 30 preexisting wood windows were a thing of beauty, opting for wood replacement windows would mean continuous cleaning, staining, and sealing to keep them looking their best.  Uninterested in incurring this expense or investing his time in this endeavor, he sought our expert opinion on the best maintenance-free windows for his project.  Our recommendation was Infinity® from Marvin Windows.  They’re comprised of Ultrex® fiberglass which is three-times thicker than competitive options.  Offering even more peace of mind is the fact that Ultrex® fiberglass is resistant to chipping, denting, or peeling.  Another aspect that Doug appreciated about the Infinity® from Marvin windows we installed, was the fact that their acrylic finish is manufactured to be resistant to fade.infinity by marvin


Energy Efficiency: Doug shared with us that energy efficient windows were of the utmost importance to him.  Many of the home’s preexisting windows had broken seals and missing caulking.  This was creating an environment where drafts were prevalent.  Infinity® from Marvin Windows were an ideal solution to this issue.  Ultrex® fiberglass is substantially less thermally conductive than aluminum.  Instead, it imitates the insulation properties of wood.  Argon gas placed in between the window’s panes effectively work to curtail heat from moving through the window panes, creating a more comfortable home.  The thick design of Ultrex® allows the window to withstand the expansion and contraction that can damage wood windows, allowing air infiltration to take place.

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Aesthetics: Doug make it a point to emphasize that he was committed to preserving the home’s original charm and wanted to make sure that his home’s windows were an enhancement and not a detraction.  He appreciated the superior architectural detail that accompanies Infinity® from Marvin Windows.  In years of old, windows included grilles in order to hold together large pieces of glass together and prevent them from breaking.  While this functionality is no longer needed in modern windows, Doug appreciated the fact that Infinity® from Marvin Windows can include grilles.  He chose to add them at key points of interest within his home.

infinity by marvin

Next Steps: Having been so pleased with the care our installers took to ensure a long-lasting installation that will be enjoyed for years to come, Doug has committed to other projects with Lindus Construction.  These include LP® SmartSide® installation and LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.  In addition, we’re working with him to evaluate the quality of his attic’s insulation and ventilation to determine if more is needed.

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Doug’s Infinity® from Marvin Windows Project in Edina, MN

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