Keep Your Bloomington, MN, Home Comfortable With the Right Insulation

Does this sound like you? During the freezing Minnesota winters, you can never seem to feel warm inside your home. When temperatures rise during the summer, you find that no amount of thermostat adjustment will keep your interiors cool. If this sounds familiar, then your home in Bloomington, Minnesota, might need new insulation. Thankfully, Lindus Construction can help. We can perform a heat map analysis, determining where thermal transfer occurs in your home, and we install the best insulation to address the situation and keep you comfortable indoors.





The Right Insulation for Every Situation

Every house is unique, which is why you need insulation that can effectively combat the root cause of thermal transfer in your home. We make sure that our team possesses the training and experience necessary to install many types of insulation, including:

  • Fiberglass – Installed in rolls sized to fit snugly into the space between studs and joists, this insulation consists of finely-spun glass fibers that trap outside air as it passes through your walls and keeps it from affecting interior temperatures.
  • Spray foam – A combination of resin and chemicals, spray foam insulation works by filling all available surface area and creating an air-tight seal between your interiors and the outdoors. This prevents thermal transfer and helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Blown-in cellulose – Made from recycled paper that has been treated to increase insect- and water-resistance, cellulose insulation settles into oddly-shaped or hard-to-access areas to provide your home with uniform protection against thermal transfer.

When you turn to Lindus Construction for a heat map analysis, one of our home improvement experts will determine which type (or types) of insulation would best protect your home from outdoor temperatures. Plus, because we commit to providing first-time quality during the installation, you can have peace of mind knowing that the insulation that we install will endure.

Don’t live with uncomfortable indoor temperatures at your home in Bloomington, MN, any longer. Contact Lindus Construction today to learn more about our insulation services.

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"Great experience overall! Such nice guys who work very hard and do very nice work!"

Jean L.
Bloomington, MN
October 30, 2020

"Our experience with Lindus was GREAT!  A+"

Sandy J.
Bloomington, MN
July 29, 2020

"Our experience was GREAT! I couldn’t imagine anything different!  We are extremely happy and satisfied with every stitch of work completed here.  The customer service and workers deserve the highest of ratings! Absolutely! Thank you greatly!"

Janys K.
Bloomington, MN
May 29, 2020

"Great crew.  All work done to my satisfaction at the price quoted ...no surprises.  Like the warranty, the price, I'm a Lindus customer for the future."

William K.
Bloomington, MN
June 17, 2019

"From the first contact with the sales person to the final 'Quality Control' inspector it was a first rate process. No games, no unanswered questions. Straight forward quality people and excellent installation of the product. I couldn't ask for more from a company. "

Wayne M.
Bloomington, MN
June 8, 2019

"Right away, Rob went about the task of assessing the problem and promptly correcting it.  He did work so effectively and efficiently with so much care and kindness; it was awesome to behold.  Both I and my mother are so very appreciative of all the courtesy and many kindnesses you that you have extended to us."

Deb J.
Bloomington, mN
June 4, 2019

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