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How to Pick the Color of Your Home’s Gutters

17 February 2021

When expertly installed, your home’s gutters provide the aesthetics of crown molding.  That makes it imperative that the color you select adds to your home’s curb appeal, rather than detract from it.  Currently, simply opting for white without considering all options is a missed opportunity to create a point of interest on your home’s exterior.  Here’s what you need to know about selecting the optimum gutter color for your home.

How to Visualize: Reputable gutter installation companies have color samples available on the actual material this is installed on.  This allows a homeowner to see first-hand how the gutters will look next to the home’s siding during various points of the day.  In addition, digital renderings of how the gutters will look with the home’s exterior components are also readily available by tech-savvy contractors, creating a scenario where there are few surprises after the installation has taken place.

eagan soffit and fascia

Color Selection Strategies: Many times, homeowners opt to tie in their home’s gutters to other exterior features to provide a cohesive look.  For example, if a home has dark brown  roofing, soffit, and window trim, with light brown siding, it can be aesthetically appealing to utilize dark brown gutters to provide a connected appearance.  Owners of homes with white siding often prefer to have gutters in that same shade installed so that they blend into the home’s appearance, rather than be a focal point.  Observing what other homes in the neighborhood have used for their gutter color can also provide inspiration.  Gutters can still be used to create a bold statement.  The best way to do this is to pick a complementary hue that’s significantly lighter or darker than a home’s exterior features.

Light vs. Dark Colors: It’s worth noting that lighter colors do a poor job at concealing stains that can happen from grass clippings, mulch residue, and mud.  If this is of concern to you, opt for a darker shade.

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Gutter Color vs. Downspout Color: Many homeowners don’t realize that your home’s gutters and downspouts do not have to be the same color.  It can work well to choose a gutter color that closely imitates the color of the roof and a downspout color that closely aligns with a home’s siding or trim colors.

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