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How Gutter Installation Protects Your Home’s Foundation

01 October 2019

Frequent basement dampness or rainwater contact with your home’s foundation can create an array of problems.  Nasty odors, dry rot, and mold, and foundation cracks are just the beginning.  If a foundation is allowed to crack, it’s only a matter of time before water penetrates it, allowing the cracks to expand, particularly if the water freezes within the cracks.  Water that permeates the concrete of a home’s foundation can also cause it to crumble.  Pooled water near the foundation can cause the soil around the house to expand, generating pressure around a home’s basement.  The long-term impact of water and soil shifting under the foundation can compromise a home’s overall structural integrity.  Tell-tale signs your foundation is in need of professional attention include bowing or leaning basement walls, cracked ceilings and walls, and doors and windows that appear to be sticking for no reason.

Function of Seamless Gutters: One-piece gutters trap melting snow or rainwater as it filters off your home’s roof.  Without them in place, water would be sent rushing towards your home’s landscaping and foundation.  When sloped properly, the water is siphoned into the downspout and sent a safe distance away from the home.Seamless Gutters Edina MN

Why the Gutters You Pick Matter: Not all gutter systems are created equally.  With so many gutter contraptions in the marketplace, it can be tricky to determine if the system you choose will eliminate water issues near your foundation.  It’s wise to opt for a seamless system, as over time seams can become weakened by continuous contact with rainwater.  If seams leak water through, the gutter system is useless in its ability to protect your home’s foundation.  Clogged gutters also prove problematic because rainwater will spill over the hood of the gutter and pool near your home’s foundation.  If you’re wondering if five inch or six inch gutters are better, bigger definitely spells better.  The extra inch allows high volumes of water to filter through, rather than create an overflow, straight to your home’s foundation.  Beware of gutter topper devices.  While on the onset, they may seem like a sound investment they normally spell trouble.  Many times, they’re attached directly to your home’s roof which can void its warranty.  Gutter toppers also rarely match a home’s preexisting gutters which can detract from curb appeal.

See How LeafGuard® Brand Gutters Are Custom-Made For Each Home They’re Installed On: 

Why a LeafGuard® Gutter System is Worth Investigating: LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are the only one-piece, patented system guaranteed never to clog or the installing dealer will clean them free of charge.  This warranty applies to the homeowner that had them installed and transfers to the next owner of the home.  Homeowners that have the system installed on their home experience the ultimate peace of mind when they learn that LeafGuard® has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.   In fact, the Good Housekeeping Institute certified them to have the ability to handle over 32 inches of rain in an hour, which beats the national rainfall record.

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