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Your Home’s Moisture Levels-When Wetter Isn’t Better

02 April 2013

It’s no secret that moisture in your home can be a leading cause of health ailments such as asthma & upper respiratory conditions.  With this year’s winter dragging on and on and on, it’s a good idea to examine your home for moisture related issues that may have presented themselves over the winter months.  Beyond the health issues that excessive moisture in your home can create, it’s also vital to address issues with moisture before they negatively affect your property. There are several places where moisture can present itself, all of which can end up directly affecting your wallet & your health.

Windows & Doors: Leaking often first occurs near the corners.  Telltale signs of impending water damage include paint that is discolored or peeling.  Windows that sweat can also be an indicator that moisture is occurring when it shouldn’t.

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Foundation: A cracked foundation is the perfect vessel to deliver water into your home.  As soon as cracks are identified and the damage has been evaluated, the cracks should be filled.

Clogged Gutters: The purpose of rain gutters is to divert rain water away from your home.  If they are clogged, the water will spill over which can result in a multitude of issues including: damp basements, destroyed landscaping, rotting wood (around windows) and icy sidewalks.  Invest in clog-free gutters such as LeafGuard® and never experience this issue again.tree in gutter

Exhaust Fans & Venting: Exhaust fans are designed to redirect moisture from your home’s interior to the outdoors.  Be sure yours is in good working order or risk excessive moisture which can cause mold to grow, which will negatively affect your family’s health.

Roof: Any shingles that permit water to saturate your roof’s underlayment should be replaced.  Areas where this is more likely to occur are attic vents and chimneys.  Water that is visible through your ceiling may have already coated your attic floors and trusses which is why it’s so important to address any loose shingles as soon as you see them.  Another preventative measure that can be taken is investing in quality flashing.  Flashing is a slender metal bar found in roofing that acts as a water intrusion preventative in spaces where two different surfaces fit together.

GAF-Armor Shield II)

Sprinkler System: The purpose of your sprinkler system is to water your grass, not your foundation.  Make sure that your system’s misting pattern is directed away from your home so that water does not land near your foundation.

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