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Five Things To Do Around Your Home Before A Storm Hits

16 April 2021

If you conduct an online search with the term “storm damage” you’ll be met with literally thousands of articles from insurance companies and contractors about how to restore your home after heavy wind and hail.  However, these articles often fail to mention that there are many proactive measures that homeowners can take to protect themselves before a storm even hits.  Here are our top five.

Take Photos of the Exterior of Your Home: Take 8 photos of the exterior of your home from all sides.  This proves what was in existence before a storm. Be sure to include items like your grill, patio furniture.  This also allows you to easily identify any changes that have occurred.

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Create an Emergency Contact List: Have a list prepared of contractors or repair experts you trust and that are local and reputable.   These experts do the best work and often book up quickly, especially after a storm.  Beware of any contractor that shows up at your door without being called offering to inspect your roof.  These contractors are storm chasers.  They’re often from several states away.  They rarely complete the work as promised if they complete it all.  In the event there’s a warranty issue in a few years, they’re typically unreachable.

Lock Your Windows & Doors Before a Storm Hits: Locking your doors and windows prior to heavy rain and wind will protect your home against air and water infiltration.

Clear Out Your Gutters and Downspouts: The amount of water (in a short time) that hits your roof during a spring storm is intense. If gutters and downspouts are clogged, there can be many severe consequences.  They include landscape erosion, rotted fascia boards, a wet basement, and a cracked foundation.  To avoid these concerns, many homeowners opt for the installation of seamless, clog-free gutters.

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Trim Tree Branches Back: Tree branches near your home’s roof prove problematic from several standpoints.  During periods of heavy wind, large tree branches can fall on your roof, damaging the shingles or even putting a hole in it.  Branches should never be allowed to touch your roof because they can run on the shingles and the granules to loosen and fall off.  This means that the lifespan of the roof will be dramatically shortened.  Another downside of tree branches close to your roof is that they provide a gateway for animals such as mice, squirrels, and raccoons to get onto your roof and eventually in your attic.

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