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Does My Home Need a Storm Door?

25 November 2020

A storm door is an auxiliary exterior door installed to defend against Mother Nature.  When weather is favorable, a storm door can aid in allowing fresh air to enter your home.  A storm door is a door that can be recognized by its convertible, detachable panels, and screens.

Pros of Storm Door Installation:

Expanded Airflow: Storm doors with screens allow air to filter through your home even if the door itself is locked.  This feature proves particularly advantageous in homes that do not have air conditioners.

Protection Against Mother Nature: A storm door can act as a barrier for your front door from rain, sleet, and snow.  This can maximize its life expectancy.  Storm doors also provide an obstacle against air and water infiltration.  The screens on storm doors also prevent insects from entering the interior of your home.

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Supplemental Security: Storm doors add an additional layer of protection because they present an additional obstacle to burglars entering your home.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The installation of a storm door enhances a home’s energy efficiency by acting as a barrier between the heat of the summer and the frigid temperatures of the winter.   

Increased Natural Light: A home’s entryway can become dreary without the installation of a storm door.  This makes them particularly favorable in spaces with a sizable foyer.

Upped Curb Appeal: Storm doors are offered in and endless array of combinations.  A custom look can be created through experimentation with hardware, glass designs, retractable screens, and colors.  When carefully selected, these items can be a major contributor to your home’s curb appeal.

 Cons of Storm Door Installation:

Inconvenience of Two Doors: Tasks such as bringing in groceries, moving into your home, and leading your pet inside can become more tedious having to walk through two doors.

Go Behind the Scenes on a Twin Cities Door Installation Project: 

Potential Damage to Your Front Door: The glass panels on a storm door have the potential to trap hot air on warm, sunny summer days.  If the spot you’re considering installing a storm door is subject to routine direct sunlight, it may be worth reconsidering the installation of a storm door, as there is potential to cause damage to your front door.

Not Necessary on All Homes: If the spot you’re considering adding a storm door to is already sheltered with a roof overhang or covered porch, there’s no need to add a storm door to protect your front door.

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