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How to Destroy Your Home’s Curb Appeal

29 June 2015

There’s an old adage that states “never judge a book by its cover.”  While that may be the case, it doesn’t stop major book publishers from paying top dollar for unique and interesting cover art.  The same concept holds true for your home’s curb appeal.  Whether it’s the mailman, pizza delivery person or your mother-in-law, the exterior of your home is the first thing someone sees when they visit for the first time.  Because you enter and leave your home on a daily basis, it’s easy to become desensitized from what others see.  Here are some things to be aware of that might be hindering your home from having the best possible first impression.

A Boring Front Door- Everyone that enters your home does so through your front door, so it’s important to select one that reflects the style of your home’s interior.  Equally as important as the appearance of the door is the material it is made from.  Popular choices include wood, fiberglass & steel.  And front door don’t forget about color!  While there’s nothing wrong with a plain white door, it’s easy to add interest with a door in a lively color that matches your trim and/or shutters.

Ignoring Your Surroundings –While your personal tastes should impact your final selections, you’ll have the best curb appeal by taking into consideration what your neighbors have.  After all, you don’t want to have the house that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Not Sweating the Small Stuff –Ignoring a handful of small things can turn into a big thing.  A combination of oil spots on your driveway, cracked concrete, a faded mailbox and crooked house numbers all count against your curb appeal in a big way when lumped together.

Absence of Plants-The best approach to your home’s landscaping is a layered approach that incorporates plants.  You can really make your home pop by selecting plant colors that are opposite of the color of your home’s exterior on the color wheel.  For example, purple flowers will really pop next to a yard yellow home.  Remember that white actually stands out the most and should either be used to link a space together or act as a focal point.  It’s okay to leave space between plants because as they grow, the space will lessen.

A Dark Yard-Landscaping doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.  There are several places that can benefit from illumination.  They include underneath stairs, house numbers, on path borders, trained on trees and fountains.  Another unconventional solution is glow in the dark paint for rocks that will shine long after the sun goes down.