Jun 01, 2019

Lindus Construction Celebrates 40 Years

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions answered by calling 651-989-9226 or texting 81807.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 6.1.19 during the live broadcast from Lindus Construction’s 40th anniversary celebration. 

40 years ago, Kevin and Emily Lindus started Lindus Construction from their rural Western WI home.  On June 1st, the company celebrated its 40th anniversary with a live broadcast of our radio show, eight food trucks, booths from several of the manufacturers we work with, and over $50,000 in giveaways.

food truck
The eight food trucks at our anniversary celebration were a hit!

When asked to reflect on this momentous occasion, Kevin, Emily, and Andy Lindus expressed feelings of pride and joy.

“It is just amazing to see everyone. We’re so proud of our clients, employees, and our sons.”-Emily Lindus

“It’s just amazing how it’s grown.  The boys have taken it and ran with it.  I’m so proud of them.”-Kevin Lindus

Lindus Family
Founded by Kevin & Emily Lindus, Lindus Construction is now owned by the couple’s three sons, Adam, Andy, and Alex

“It’s really easy to grow and have success with the base and the team we have here.  Not only do I get to work with my two brothers who are my best friends, we vacation we do everything together, but my cousin Rick is our general manager and my uncle Greg measures every window that goes in. We have lots of other family that works here too.  Besides the true blood family, we have working here, we have people that have been working here 15,20, even 30 years.  They’re just as much family as everyone else.  So, it’s been really easy for me, Adam, and Alex to grow with the people we were left with when Mom and Dad retired.  We have almost no turnover.  We finished last year plus 30 people working here.  That’s a record for us.”-Andy Lindus

Greg Lindus, Brother of  Company Founder, Kevin Lindus, on What Makes Lindus Construction an Excellent Place to Work and Do Business With: 

One of the core company values of Lindus Construction is First Time Quality.  This means that the intent of every job is complete it correctly the first time without having to return to make corrections.  This, coupled with our lifetime workmanship guarantee offers homeowners the ultimate peace of mind. Top notch workmanship on major home elements, such as roofing, is critical. If you’ve got a home with preexisting skylights, it’s important to ask how they will be addressed when interviewing potential roofing contractors.  Failure to properly install flashing around a skylight will lead to a roof leaking. Depending on the age and brand of the skylight, it may be worth considering replacement.  VELUX skylights are a great option because they come with industry leading warranties, and numerous shade and night light options.

VELUX skylights and sun tunnels were on display at our anniversary celebration.

A wet basement is often the result of missing or inadequate gutters and grading. Water follows the path of least resistance.  It often enters through the center bearing wall or cracks in the floor footing.  At times the property’s water table must be lowered.  Horizontal cracks are evidence of lateral pressure on the wall.  Working with a reputable company that understands how to pinpoint and address this situation is a critical component of finding a permanent solution.  That’s why we highly recommend the services of Safe Basements of Minnesota. They’re family owned and travel throughout the country teaching other contractors their methods.

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Reviews From Our 75,000 Happy Customers:

"We used Lindus Construction to replace our shingles and we highly recommend their workmanship and professionalism from start to finish!!!"

Dave S.
Maple Grove, MN
May 24, 2019

"Workmanship is great. Completed timely and cleanup was great."

Loretta D.
Minneapolis, MN
May 17, 2019

"I had a new roof put on, my ceiling insulated, and LeafGuard® gutters installed. The salesperson was great to work with and the crew was amazing! I was kept informed about the process by the crew and the office staff was always available to answer questions. I highly recommend Lindus and will likely have them install new siding."

Tammy D.
St. Paul, MN
May 15, 2019

"My experience with Lindus has been exceptional. When I have experienced an issue, they have responded in a very timely manner. I would truly recommend Lindus to anyone looking for roofing and gutters.  They truly stand behind their workmanship."

Sandy K.
Minneapolis, MN
April 5, 2019

"We have been very pleased with the workmanship and the craftsmen that have worked on 2 of our homes in the past. "

Tom L.
Plymouth, MN
March 5, 2019

"Thank you to you and your employees.  It seems you have created a fine company built on quality and integrity.  It is a good feeling as a customer to have the faith of good workmanship in a contractor."

William E.
Hudson, WI
February 13, 2019
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