Mar 23, 2019

How to Avoid Water Damage in Your Home During the Spring Thaw

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At times, home improvement projects can be done in phases in order to adhere to a homeowner’s timelines and budget.  However, this approach can backfire in scenarios where failure to complete the entire project can negatively impact the integrity of the home.  For instance, if an attic lacks a vapor barrier but also requires attic air sealing, opting to only add insulation can actually make the situation worse because it is not addressing the attic’s moisture.  A higher dew point in the attic can result in frost.  Once the frost melts, the moisture comes in contact with the insulation, rendering it useless.

LeafGuard Before

Ice dam prevention on a story and a half home is another home improvement project that needs to be completed all at once, rather than in phases.  Without question, Twin Cities story and a half homes prove the most problematic to insulate and ventilate.  In the knee wall area, it is best practice to have spray foam insulation applied to three walls and cutting off the upper part, sealing it off entirely.  A gable vent system should be used on one side and a power vent should go on the other.  From there, the entire roof should be removed, and a false roof deck that allows for air movement should be added.  Once that’s done, three inches of spray foam insulation should be added.  After that a roof should be installed.  While the fix is not cheap, it does prevent thousands of dollars in ice dam damage.

Here’s How a Blower Door Test Can Evaluate Where Your Home is Losing Energy:

An area of the home that’s vulnerable to damage as the seasons change is a home’s basement.  Ensuring that your sump pump is in good working order can prevent flooding.  Before the spring thaw commences and the sump pump fills with water, verify that there is not debris or ice preventing the sump pump from working as it should.  From there, a garden hose can be used to introduce water to the pump to make sure that it turns both on and off and the water is being pumped out.  From there, verify that the discharge is not being stopped by snow which can send the water back up to the house.  It’s wise to invest in a sump pump that has a battery back-up so that the system continues to function even in the event of a power outage.  Pro Series sump pumps win high marks with industry insiders and homeowners.  They’re comprised of cast iron and stainless steel, making them long-lasting.

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