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Beyond a Basic Bathroom

15 September 2015

As the Millennial generation becomes a higher percentage of today’s homeowners, we’re starting to notice that there’s an uptick in customized home renovations.  That’s because this group (age 37 & under) has been accustomed to getting what they want.  Take their cell phones, for example.  They can customize the background, apps, ringtone, etc.  This trend is starting to trickle over into the home improvement realm and we love it!  More options allows us to showcase our skill set and create a space truly addressing the homeowners’ tastes and desires.  One room that’s especially customizable is the bathroom.  Here’s what you need to know about conceptualizing a bathroom that truly is reflection of you.

Palette: Hands down, shades of brown and beige are this year’s bathroom go-to colors.  The great thing about utilizing this color scheme is that it plays well with both earth tones and bold accent colors, giving the homeowner a lot of latitude to play with accessories.

Flooring: Flooring makes up a large part of your bathroom’s geography, so don’t be afraid to slow down and scrutinize the selections available to you.  A word to the wise-wood is never a good option because water will warp it.  However, if you’re looking for something that is durable, yet sophisticated, we highly recommend epoxy flooring which takes on the look of marble without the steep price tag.  Ceramic tile is also a great option because it is extremely customizable and holds up well against water.

Plumbing Options: When it comes to your bathroom, the plumbing options are endless.  No longer do you have to limit yourself to a single showerhead.  And if you’re a fan of singing in the shower, there are lots of choices for showerheads that have wireless speakers integrated into them.  (A word of caution-ask questions & read reviews.  More often than not, the cheapest fixture will leave you disappointed.)  In terms of walk-through tubs, we’re seeing them go away, ushering in a new era where showers reign supreme.  If you’re looking for a truly customizable shower, the Kohler Choreograph Shower is definitely an option worth exploring.

Vanity: With vanities, customization is key.  After all, it houses your personal care products, toiletries and grooming supplies.  Bathroom storage space is not an area to skimp on.  A common complaint about vanities is that the plumbing it needs to house often compromises the amount of storage actually available and seemingly colossal vanities can actually have minuscule storage space.  Kohler has addressed this grievance by producing their own line of line of vanities that have an enviable amount of storage. Homeowners have their pick of size, finish, hardware and storage options.  Because Kohler is a plumbing manufacturer, they have first-hand knowledge of how to make their vanities work with their plumbing.