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Smart Front Door & Siding Selections

18 November 2017

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions addressed by calling 651-989-9226 or texting 81807.  Here’s the must-know information from 30+-year home improvement industry professional and educator, Barry Stranz. 

Barry Stranz opened the show by sharing the story of how while working on an extensive remodeling project, a Miele kitchen range needed to moved.  Not realizing that the range’s handle’s primary purpose was for aesthetic appeal, he twisted the handle while trying to roll away the range.  Instantly, the handle, which was attached through the glass door, snapped off, causing the need for a $1,000 repair.  Feeling despondent after causing such damage, his boss reminded him that in the course of a 10-12 month-long project something will go wrong because we’re all human and working with materials like stones and wood.  What these things have in common is that they all have performance values that aren’t perfection.  What matters most is that when unplanned circumstances arise, the biggest takeaway should be how an individual or company recovers because that is the truest test of character and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Nancy in Bloomington wanted to replace her siding.  She reported that the cedar siding on the front of her home had become worn out.  Wanting an economical solution other vinyl, she asked Barry for his take on T1-11 siding, as the rest of her house was sided with this material.  Barry’s response was that while T1-11 is a cost-effective solution, he felt LP® SmartSide® would add more curb appeal, have a more positive impact on the home’s resale value, and last longer.

Here’s How Proper Installation Techniques Allow LP® SmartSide® to Have the Longest Possible Lifespan: 

A text message came in from a homeowner in the market for a new front door.  They were interested to know if it was feasible for one to be installed in the winter and whether steel or fiberglass was a better material choice.  Barry answered by letting them know that exterior doors can definitely be installed in the winter but that it’s imperative that the caulking utilized is able to withstand the temperature it’s being installed at.  Steel doors are prone to denting are aren’t a very good fit for families with children and pets.  Over the past decade, fiberglass finishes have improved tremendously and now closely emulate the look of wood.  They’re lauded for their durability and energy efficient properties.     

Listen to the Full Show Here:

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